Glenfield House offers excellent nursing care delivered by experienced registered nurses and care assistants with, or working towards, NVQ2 and 3 qualifications. All residents care needs are reviewed regularly. Should additional medical needs arise, the home is primarily attended by Doctor Shalaby of Hollyoaks Medical Practice who provides a dedicated house-call visiting service once a week or more often as necessary. Should a resident require urgent hospitalisation we ensure that a member of staff accompanies them to offer reassurance and support.

Glenfield House seeks to implement the highest standards of care for our residents and those entering the final stages of their life. We embrace their wishes and choices and try to ensure that their way of life and spiritual preferences are supported with dignity and respect.

Our Residents are assigned a dedicated nurse who will prepare an individual care plan and they are responsible for monitoring its delivery. This plan is always available for review by our residents and their immediate family and we welcome their input to ensure we are offering bespoke personalised care. Implemeted in April 2019 we have a computerised software system (Person Centred Software) to create personalised care plans and record daily notes and activities for all Residents. Regular system audits are undertaken by the home manager and deputy manager ensuring all information relating to each Resident is documented in line with policies and procedures.
Additional Services
The home is visited regularly by a chiropodist, hairdresser, beautician and religious ministers.
Our carer Denise conducts remembrance services with our Residents and can offer spiritual support to relatives.
We have a full activities programme delivered by our activities coordinator. We have regular visits from singers, actors and other performers who provide a range of stimulating activities - see our Gallery for more details.
We offer home-cooked food in a very pleasant dining room. Residents may have their meals in their own room if requested and our staff are always available to assist with feeding our more frail residents, if they so wish.